Activities In Delaware

Parks And Outdoor Activities In Delaware

Although Delaware is often associated with the many different cities such as Dover and Wilmington, you are probably envisioning a metropolitan vacation. However, you might want to consider the most natural aspects of this state which have quite a bit to offer people that are staying for a few days, or even for a week or more. Let’s go over some of the different parks that you can visit, hiking trails that you can take, and beaches that you will certainly enjoy. Delaware is so much more than simply an East Coast state, but a place that you can truly enjoy outside.

State Parks In Delaware

Probably the most well-known state park in Delaware is called the Brandywine Creek State Park. It has a multitude of different trails that you can take and rave reviews on the Internet, and it gives you a hometown feeling. When you get to the ranger station, they will talk to you about where you can hike, and the many things that you can do. From there you could head over to the Bellevue State Park, the Alapocas Run State Park, and then finish off with the Wilmington Riverwalk.

Wildlife Areas You Should Visit

Two of these areas have already been mentioned, but there is one other that you should consider visiting. It is the Russell W Peterson wildlife refuge. Part of the reason that it is so popular is that it puts you right on the Christina River, and you have exceptional views in all directions. From there you could go to the DuPont Environmental educational center, and get a feel for all of the outdoor activities and locations that make this state extra special.

Traveling to Delaware for the sole purpose of going to the beach might be why you choose to go. There are so many people that go there for this reason. However, along the way you may want to consider taking a detour into the many different natural places that you can go that have so much to offer. It is a state that will impress you by its urban areas, but also the natural regions that are so beautiful. As you are booking your vacation, consider adding anything that has to do with traveling into the areas of Delaware that can provide you with a good look at the natural environment.